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September 15, 2013
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HG App: Ruka Tsukiyomi by Exie-Kun HG App: Ruka Tsukiyomi by Exie-Kun

So I got invited to this group when it first opened up but I was having internet troubles then and couldn't do it... But now here I am >_> I changed a lot of stuff in her information from the last time...


Name: Ruka Tsukiyomi

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Female

Blood Type: B

Height: 5'4''

Birthday: July 18th

Specialty: Tattoos (tattoo designs ect...)

Sub-Specialty: Singing

Personality: Ruka is a very outgoing and a somewhat sarcastic person. Though she tries to keep the sarcasm down to avoid causing trouble. She enjoys to make other people happy and likes to laugh. Although she has a secret side that only appears when she becomes extremely angry. That doesn't happen very often though. (What I mean by secret side for when she gets angry is she'll just throw things and get all moody.) Also when she gets really tired she'll become very flirtatious.

Preferred Activities: drawing/painting/designing ect., reading manga, sleeping, singing, video games, and running (track i suppose that would be called)

Likes: strawberries covered in chocolate, piercings, tattoos, snakes, making others laugh, and sock monkeys

Dislikes: butterflies (its a secret fear of hers that nobody else knows, but their faces freak her out) , homework, meat (she's a vegetarian), and getting interrupted when she's trying to talk.

Ruka was a rather weird kid. She was born in raised in Tokyo, Japan. She would often lock herself away in her room and draw or sing a lot. (Even once she drew on the walls, but after getting grounded by her mom she learned her lesson.) Her dad owned his own little tattoo/piercings place and that was where her love of those began. When Ruka wasn't in school she would go with her dad to his work and observe everything. The way her dad worked, the people, the shop itself, ect. She decided that she herself would one day own her own little tattoo place. As Ruka grew older she made some friends and would draw on their arms a lot with washable marker. They didn't mind her doing this of course. Around the time of when she was going to start middle school she also found her love for music. Ruka was only walking the streets of her hometown when she saw a girl singing, a street performer. Ruka was inspired and started doing her own thing. Ruka would already sing a lot anyways when she was at home doing daily chores. As she kept singing though she improved and got a lot better. In her last year of middle school she heard one of her friends talking about Hoshino Gakuen. Ruka decided to do more research on the school and after begging her parents and working very hard, they agreed. ((Then the story would continue if she got into the school and more stuff happened.))


Well that's that.

A lot of the RP groups I was already in closed down or I left because the group was really inactive so I don't have to worry about those anymore and I will have time for this group if I get in. c:

Anywhozzle, that's it. Let me know if I need to make some changes~
There probably are some things that need fixing that I'm to dumb to notice...orz...


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crying because you like andy biersack too <3
alright! time for your app check.
for the backstory, please state where she was born. 
otherwise, it looks fine! <3
best of luck OuO
Exie-Kun Sep 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh no don't cry. that is fabulous c:
Anywhozzle, I'll go fix that now. And um a quick little question.
Last time when I was invited to this group and I accepted the invite and what not. I never got kicked out of it or anything (last time I checked anyways). So where would I submit the app too...? >_>
oh shoot QAQ
we missed a few people when we were removing members who hadn't submitted their apps...
since you didnt note us about it before, you'd have to try out again ;n;
i've taken you out of the group for now, so just send a join request with the necessary information
Exie-Kun Sep 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
My apologies for not noting you guys about it. I thought you removed me and I didn't notice till later on so I wasn't for sure :I
Thanks though~
ah no it's not your fault XD
and it's my pleasure <3 good luck!
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